The Homilies

Complete texts of the Homilies is forthcoming.

Contents of the First Book of Homilies

The Preface.

  1. A Fruitful Exhortation to the Reading of Holy Scripture.
  2. Of the Misery of all Mankind.
  3. Of the Salvation of all Mankind.
  4. Of the true and lively Faith.
  5. Of Good Works.
  6. Of Christian Love and Charity.
  7. Against Swearing and Perjury.
  8. Of the Declining from God.
  9. An Exhortation against the Fear of Death.
  10. An Exhortation to Obedience.
  11. Against Whoredom and Adultery.
  12. Against Strife and Contention.

Contents of the Second Book of Homilies

An Admonition to All Ministers Ecclesiastical.

  1. Of the right use of the Church.
  2. Against peril of Idolatry.
  3. For Repairing and keeping Clean the Church.
  4. Of Good Works. And first of Fasting.
  5. Against Gluttony and Drunkenness.
  6. Against excess of Apparel.
  7. An Homily of Prayer.
  8. Of the Place and Time of Prayer.
  9. Of Common-Prayer and Sacraments.
  10. An Information for them which take offence at certain places of holy Scripture.
  11. Of Alms-deeds.
  12. Of the Nativity.
  13. Of the Passion, for Good-Friday.
  14. Of the Resurrection, for Easter-day.
  15. Of the worthy receiving of the Sacrament.
  16. An Homily concerning the coming down of the Holy Ghost, for Whitsunday.
  17. An Homily for Rogation Week.
  18. Of the state of Matrimony.
  19. Against Idleness.
  20. Of Repentance and true Reconciliation unto God.
  21. An Homily against Disobedience and wilful Rebellion.

A Thanksgiving for the Suppression of the last Rebellion.

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