An Admonition to All Ministers Ecclesiastical

FOR that the Lord doth require of his servant whom he hath set over his household 1 to shew both faithfulness and prudence in his office, it shall be necessary that ye, above all other, do behave yourself most faithfully and diligently in your so high a function; that is, aptly, plainly, and distinctly to read the sacred Scriptures, diligently to instruct the youth in their Catechism, gravely and reverently to minister his most holy Sacraments, prudently also to choose out such Homilies as be most meet for the time and for the more agreeable instruction of the people committed to your charge, with such discretion, that where the Homily may appear too long for one reading, to divide the same to be read part in the forenoon and part in the afternoon. And, where it may so chance some one or other chapter of the Old Testament to fall in order to be read upon the Sundays or Holy Days which were better to be changed with some other of the New Testament of more edification, it shall be well done to spend your time to consider well of such chapters beforehand, whereby your prudence and diligence in your office may appear; so that your people may have cause to glorify God for you, and be the readier to embrace your labours, to your better commendation, to the discharge of your consciences and their own.

  1. Matthew 24:45. ↩︎