Editor’s Notes on Nowell’s Catechism

Alexander Nowell’s Catechism was first published in Latin in 1570 and translated into English by Thomas Norton in the same year. This edition is taken from that published by The Parker Society in 1853. Both Latin and English texts are found in The Parker Society edition. This edition contains only the English.

The “Memoir” (dated 1854) provides background on Alexander Nowell and his catechism. It also offers a short note on the translator. Footnotes in the “Memoir” are those of The Parker Society text.

The “Dedication” by Nowell was included in the Latin half of The Parker Society edition, but it did not appear in Norton’s English translation in the same volume. Frederick Noe has newly translated the “Dedication” for this edition.

The body of the catechism has been broken into four parts, following the headings of The Parker Society edition. For ease of reference, each pair of statements by the Master and Scholar has been numbered according to its part in the whole.

Marginal notes of the catechism have been slightly altered. Descriptive headings have been dropped. Bible references have been made into footnotes and verified with the Authorized Version.

Also included here is Nowell’s sermon, an appendix of The Parker Society edition. Footnotes in the sermon are those of The Parker Society text.

Daniel J. Sparks